Sunday, March 11, 2012

AniSong of the Day/In Other News: Dear My Friend -the future not yet seen- [Dear My Friend -まだ見ぬ未来へ-]/ Tohoku Kantou Earthquake Anniversary 3/11

-One year ago today, although it's already the 12th in Japan >_<, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck the eastern side of the islands of Japan. A devastating tsunami rose soon after.
You can read more[and also better] coverage on the anniversary over at DannyChoo/CultureJapan.

Word that come to mind when i think of a crisis such as the one of Tohoku/Kantou 2011 are devastation, destruction, and loss.., but the one word that stands out in my mind the most is hope. In the midst of a disaster, hope is what's needed to get through it alright.
And that's why i think the above song^^ Dear My Friend-the future not yet seen- is a great representation of hope and Japan's rising to overcome the disaster the fell upon them.
The song is by Elisa and is the first ending song for anime To Aru Kagaku no Railgun [とある科学の超電磁砲].

In the song, Elisa sings:

元気出して 私がそばにいるから
今日のミス 悔やむより 今 乗り越えて"

translated as:
"It'll be fine!
Cheer up, because I'm here with you.
Instead of regretting today's mistakes, we should put them behind us now."

This can represent how the areas of Japan that were not affected as badly by the disaster and also how the rest of the world could feel and give support to the devastated people.

She also sings:

迷わないで まだ見ぬ未来へと向かって
ずっと 歩いてゆこう"

translated as:
"It'll be fine!
Don't feel lost. Let's face the future we haven't seen yet
And keep on walking."

This further describes what i mentioned earlier. A message of HOPE for the future.. that we can rise above the crisis and disasters and be cheerful for the road ahead.

Here are some of my favorite がんばろう!日本 or Do your best, Japan! pics that spawned from otaku supporting the relief and rescue efforts:

I know that since the disaster, the Japanese and also many foreign countries have worked hard to restore the areas affected, and i am very glad.
Although it won't make much of a difference, i support you guys! :D 

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